Case Study 1

Implementation of iBoss in Ethiraj College for Women, India.


Ethiraj college for women, Chennai is one of most Prestigious colleges in South India. The college was founded in 1948 and it became an Autonomous Institution in the year 1999. The college offers 62 Programs including Day and Evening College. iBoss EMS has been proposed in the year 2012 as alternative for basic desktop application. We have been awarded among 12 players after two levels screening by the core academic team of the Institution.


  • Our Objective is to automate the Examination process
  • Structured curriculum framework and organized work flow is followed
  • Applied strategies to standardize and stable the process
  • We have provided solutions for the difficulties in their day-to-day activities
  • Expertise of academic panel members involved


  • Being a oldest as well as autonomy Institution, structured but complex curriculum structure
  • Exemption option in almost every feature difficult to stable the process
  • Large volume of data handling –almost 10000 students in single campus
  • Have to be implemented in short span of time i.e 3 months


  • Has been implemented successfully and Under Annual Maintenance for the past three years
  • Reduced 20% of Paper work through Online Payment Integration
  • Reduced 40% of clerical work by automate the exam process