Case Study 2

Implementation of iBoss in Megatech International College, Malaysia.


  • One of the fast growing Institution in Malaysia
  • Recently reputed as International College attracts students from other countries like Indonesia, Bhutan, Combodia etc
  • iBoss EMS has been awarded through online screening as it proves to customize against Malaysian Education system


  • New version of iBoss for International Standard supports Asian and European Education system
  • Dynamic Syllabus Management
  • Objective Based Education
  • Dynamic Admission Process
  • Specific flow for each module is defined. Ex Admission module has its own sequential process which includes Agent follow ups, Entry Level checking, Document verification, Visa application process, pre registration with Conditional offer letter etc


  • Dynamic Grading system
  • Concepts of Program Learning Outcomes and Subject Learning Outcomes(PLO and SLO)
  • Internship Programs with abroad universities
  • Elaborated Marketing module which comprise marketing activity for Local and foreign students
  • Due to recent reputation, process are not stabilized and change requests are raised.


  • Project is ongoing. Admission, Finance and academic modules are implemented successfully and went live.
  • Second Phase of the project has been initiated as the Change Requests have been accepted by the Institution.