Case Study 4

Implementation of Iboss EMS in St.Annes Degree College for Women, Bangalore


St.Anne’s Society Educational Institutions serve the student community through its commitment for Innovation in Education. St. Anne’s has a very long history of 150 years in quality and value based Education. It is one of the famous affiliated college under Bangalore University


  • Architecture level changes for Three major courses
  • Dynamic Admission process which allows to prepare selection list on various shortlist parameters of Institution’s priorities
  • Applied strategies to standardize and stable day today academic activities
  • Agile software development is involved; requirements and solutions evolve via collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams


  • Required long Customization period to adapt Triple Major courses almost in all academic features
  • Design of Monitoring tools and Interface to ensure Data Entry at various level of stakeholders


  • Successfully launched within two months of time
  • Reduced Data entry and clerical works at various level of Institution
  • Migrated to Latest iBoss Version R17 for the purpose of University Marks Analytical Reporting after three years of successful implementation